Hours & Guidelines

I am a professional massage therapist.  Because of the personal nature of my business, I have a few guidelines that are very important to go by.

1.  Clients (men and women) must wear underwear or shorts at all times.

2.  ANY inappropriate remarks or contact will result in me stopping the massage immediatly.  You will not be rescheduled.

3.  My time is as important as your time.  If you arrive late it will be deducted from your massage time.

4.  If you have to cancel for any reason, please give 24 hours notice when all possible.

5.  I ask that you turn your cell phone off or onto vibrate so it does not interupt your massage.  Unless there is an emergency situation that it       must be left on.

During the massage:
The lights will be dimmed
Soft relaxing music will be playing
A water fountain will be running
Table is heated
You will be completely covered with a sheet except for the part that I am working on.
Extra sheets are available upon request

I strive to keep my clients completely comfortable.  At anytime during the massage I ask that you give me feedback on my pressure (too light or too hard), temperature (too warm or too cold), music (too loud or too soft).  If anything makes you uncomfortable please let me know so that I can make changes to make your experience a pleasant one.
If you have any particular problem areas please let me know.

I work by appointment only.  I do not stay in the office so, you will have to call to make an appointment.
I am open on weekends however, I am NOT available ALL weekends. 
I also can possibly work later on some days than others.

Hours are as follows:

Sunday Not Available
Monday By Appointment Only
Tuesday By Appointment Only
Wednesday By Appointment Only
Thursday By Appointment Only
Friday By Appointment Only
Saturday By Appointment Only